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THE P.I. EXPERIMENT is the brainchild of former private investigator ANI KYD. An entertainer

and musician turned P.I., Ani worked as an investigator for six years, accumulating various

scenarios and characters to draw from and amplifying them to “11” for THE P.I. EXPERIMENT.

Ani had the idea for THE P.I EXPERIMENT back in 2010, but in 2012 the timing was finally

right to set the show in motion.

“Some of the characters and ideas are taken from people I’ve worked with and cases I’ve

worked on. Elements of truth are all over this show. Most people wouldn’t believe how

insane and intense the real private investigation world is. There are many very professional

P.I. firms, but there are some nut bar investigators out there too!” — Ani Kyd.

ALEX MILLS “The Company Owner” — tattooed, mid-40s, jeans and tshirts, etc.. She is frustrated with her misfit staff, but she gave them jobs because no one else would hire them. She looks hard but is a softy.

CARY ROLLINS “The Ninja” — early 40s, has a calm and quiet personality. Cary never says much, other than real or made-up “Confucius says” quotations. Cary is always shooting with the PI camera, hiding behind trees, plants, etc. He spies on everything: we see him in the background of many shots, sneaking around. He thinks he’s really stealth — but isn’t.

NATHAN ROCKEFELLER: NICKNAME “ROCKET” “The Criminal” — in his early 30's. He is a direct descendant of the Rockefellers. There are a lot of Illuminati jokes. Rocket is super good-looking and charming, but a drug addict. He is great at his job, but breaks every law in the process. He steals cars to do surveillance work, does drugs, and depending on what drug he is on, he acts a certain way. On heroin, he is super slow-moving, dropping cigarettes out of his mouth; on crack he is scratching and paranoid; on cocaine he is a superhero and feels he can do anything; and on weed he is always telling people to relax. He gets away with everything because he’s a very smart con-artist.

JESSE ADAMS “The Militant One” — Afro’d, black, and stuck in the 70s. Jesse is in her late 40s. She does undercover work, but her idea of undercover is her in women’s 70s-style clothing (bright and flashy clothing, mostly polyester, pantsuits). When on surveillance, she sticks out like a sore thumb. She communicates in 70s-ish dialogue. She moonlights for a TV show like “Cheaters”, busting cheating husbands, telling the wives that all men are evil! JESSE’S SPECIALTY: Surveillance and missing kids/persons/sexy decoy. She sympathizes with mothers who have lost their kids (runaways) and wives whose husbands are cheating on them (that’s where the sexy decoy comes in).

JACKSON BUSH “The Security Guard” is in his early 30s. He’s a small guy and is super slimy; kind of like a “Bad Lieutenant” but with no real power, and he thinks really small. He has slicked back hair and always wears a bad security guard yellow jacket. He talks about becoming supervisor one day, but he is really only a security guard.

DOUG KELLY “The Bounty Hunter” is super tall and into metal music. He is always dressed in SWAT gear, and thinks he is on the job at all times — but really isn’t. Much of his works revolves around handyman work that the owner gets him to do around the office. Doug treats it like a mission, but really isn’t good at it at all. He sings all kinds of made-up metal songs about anything that he happens to be doing (i.e. going for coffee, fixing the roof). Doug is in a heavy metal  band on the weekends, and plays in a skid row bar to four or five drunks/regulars at a time.

RONNIE MILLS “The Company Secretary” is also the owner’s Aunt. Ronnie is in her 50s, a bit overweight and not at all interested in working at the company. She is super smart and super sarcastic. She was let go from her former job because they downsized and she needed another job, so her niece hired her. Ronnie is waytoo qualified for this band of losers, and she knows it. Under her breath she is always commenting how ridiculous the company is.

ADAM FLINT “The Filmmaker” — one of the brothers. He is a hipster, late 20s, good looking, stylish, rides a fixed gear bicycle that he uses in many scenes. He is the smarter and calmer of the two brothers, and always optimistic.

CHARLIE FLINT “The Other Filmmaker” and the other brother. Charlie is also a hipster; rides a fixed gear bicycle; stylish (skinny jeans, chrome bike bag,) . He is good looking and roughly the same age as his brother. Charlie is a little naive, and a bit more animated than his brother Adam.